Anonymous said:

Okay so this is kinda awkward for me I don't know how it works but I had to make one just to tell you this and get my feelings out. Ok, I am one of Isaiah's friends.... and I like you a lot. Like I almost feel in love with you. You're holding me back from a relationship, I really want you, and I just can't really stress that enough o: When you said you were moving I got upset because I may never see you again and yeah D:

holy shit. this gave me a suprise.

um, first of all, I would never date one of Isaiah’s friends because I’m not like that. I don’t want him to hate me. o:

second of all, you’re not a very good friend for liking me because if you were his true friend, you’d go to him and tell him. actually, you shouldn’t even like me at all. 

i kind of have an idea at who this is. but i’m not going to say.

yeah >:o

Anonymous said:

Js you are absolutely gorgeous and you deserve to be happy and any guy that would leave you is a total idiot you dont deserve to be crying if i was your boyfriend i'd spoil you and shower you with love. yes, i know you in person by the way... im not some stranger! cheer up haley you are amazing and any guy is lucky to have you you are out going and full of life and laughs :)

that’s so sweet :’o

Anonymous said:

please don't be heart broken you are way to good for that. im sure he still loves you and wants you back. i have a feeling yall will be back together in no time ='D <3

lol. i’m not heart broken anymore. i’m more shocked. xD

Anonymous said:

your obviously not dating isiaiah anymore why wont you give me one more chance? please

isaiah* and dylan, why won’t you come off anon, i know who this is. i love him, i do. i’m starting to realize he doesn’t want me back, so i’ll actually take this message into consideration. i’ll think about being with you again, because what’s the point in being depressed and shit, when he doesn’t want me, so moving on is my only choice? it’ll be awkward because i have no feelings for you, maybe i’ll gain some by dating you. i hate dating the people i don’t want.. but we’ll see. 

Anonymous said:

yaaaay your ask box is back. i see on fb that you and that guy broke up what happend?

i really don’t know. 

basically, it was ‘i want you forever, i love you, you’re my everything, ..etc’ and then we were fighting the next day, he wanted me to hang out with me on the fourth and i was going to, but then my friend made a big deal about it, because it was her ex boyfriend that was going to be with us.. i didn’t want to lose a friend, and certainly not him. he was my world. but yknow, i’ve come to realize i’m a good girlfriend, and a good person. if he leaves me for something like that, then it’s his problem. it was his fault. i never did anything wrong, and he promised he’d only break up with me if i cheated on him.. i didn’t though. never have, never would have either. in the end he will realize HE lost ME, and when he misses me there’s no tellings if i’ll want him back. i love him, i want him, but i won’t wait.

be my forever again..

I miss you so much, it hurts. come back to me? be mine? I love you. I need you. I just want to be called your girlfriend again, i want to be able to spend time together, share memories, kiss, laugh, hug, cuddle, wake up in your arms, and fall back asleep. i want to dream about you again, i want to feel your body against mine, i want to skype and play our song again, and feel like bursting into happy tears because we were so perfect. i know i’m not perfection, but i love you, and you love me. i hate that you’re doing this to me, and yourself. i am in love with you, and i’d do anything to get you back. if i could, i’d walk to the end of the world for you. you are everything to me. i know it should be the other way around because i took YOUR virginity, but i feel so attached to you, without you, i feel broken and alone. i miss you so much, i just want to hear your voice and fall in love over and over again every time we look each other in the eyes. most importantly, i wish i had the guts to say this to you personally. you think i’m over you, but the truth is, i never will be.